How to increase potency without drugs

In the conditions of the modern rhythm of life, many men suffer from a deterioration in potency. There can be many reasons for erectile dysfunction. In some situations, potency is restored quite simply without medication. The main thing is to identify the problem in time and start therapy. Still, it's best to see a doctor. Only experts can recommend the most appropriate methods to increase potency based on the specific situation. You don't have to resort to medication. When should you sound the alarm?

Causes of weak potency

Before taking any measures to restore potency, you should determine the cause of their occurrence. All causes can be divided into two main groups: psychological and physiological. In the first case, the potency increases very slightly without drugs. Factors that lead to erectile dysfunction on a psychological level are:

  • Frequent stress;
  • Revision;
  • Excessive physical or mental stress;
  • conflicts in the family and at work;
  • Fears;
  • self-doubt;
  • discomfort during sexual intercourse;
  • Depression;
  • General malaise;
  • dissatisfaction with your partner;
  • Bad first sexual experience.

In order to strengthen male power, you should definitely consult a doctor. Many believe that erectile dysfunction only occurs at a fairly mature age. It is not so. Specialists are increasingly confronted with these pathologies of potency in boys and adolescents under 25 years old. In most cases, poor potency at a young age is explained by an unstable psycho-emotional background. For the treatment of drugs is not required.

Things are a bit more complicated when it comes to erectile dysfunction at the physiological level. The disorders are based on diseases of other organs and systems of the body. So, male strength weakens against the background of heart disease, vascular problems, disorders of the endocrine system, diabetes mellitus, injuries to the pelvic organs, inflammation of the genitourinary system, hormonal failure, frequent injections into the penis. Complex therapy is required here, which will relieve not only problems with potency, but also the root cause of the pathology.

It's worth noting that even the healthiest and most successful men make rare single mistakes in bed. This problem is considered normal. But as soon as erectile dysfunction afflicts a young man every time, it's worth considering. In such cases, you need to solve the problem:

  • weak erection;
  • lack of ejaculation;
  • Premature ejaculation, even before sexual intercourse begins;
  • priapism;
  • lack of erection;
  • Loss of erection during intercourse.

Healthy eating is the key to male power

A healthy lifestyle plays an important role in maintaining or increasing potency. It is very easy to get rid of erectile dysfunction caused by mental disorders without the use of various drugs. First of all, it's a healthy diet. There are a number of foods that act as an aphrodisiac. But there are also many products that are strictly forbidden, as they have a detrimental effect on male potency.

A man has to give up semi-finished products, fast food, smoked meat, sausages. These products contain preservatives, harmful additives that accumulate in the body. Over time, not only the quality of sex life changes, but also the health of the whole body. The following foods are of great benefit for male potency and its increase:

  • Garlic;
  • Onion;
  • Sour cream;
  • Treasure;
  • Nuts;
  • citrus fruits;
  • Seafood;
  • Green;
  • Vegetables.

A man's body should receive a daily dose of all trace elements and vitamins. The most important are vitamins B, E, C, arginine, zinc, selenium, iron, magnesium, calcium. These elements are found in large amounts in meat, fish, legumes, green vegetables, eggs and sunflower oil. It is important that most of the daily diet consists of animal fats. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to completely omit meat and switch to vegetarian food.

A healthy diet to increase potency without the use of drugs is not enough. It is important to give up bad habits completely. Smoking cigarettes and cigars is strictly forbidden. The fact is that smoking disrupts the heart and provokes an increase in blood pressure. Nicotine and tar also lead to vascular depletion. They become too thin, making it impossible for blood to flow to the erectile tissue of the penis. Therefore, it is almost impossible to increase potency while smoking.

Not the best avenue for male power is alcohol. Excessive consumption of it adversely affects the work of the central nervous system. Over time, the sensitivity of the nerve endings is lost. Sexual intercourse does not bring pleasure, sexual desire disappears, impotence occurs. Therefore, to increase potency, it is necessary to reduce the amount and frequency of consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is better to refuse completely. Tequila, vodka and gin are particularly dangerous for male potency. Limited amounts of quality wine or beer are allowed.

Physical exercises to increase potency

Physical activity helps to quickly improve potency. It is important that they are regular. Sports activities not only increase potency, but also restore the body after a hard day's work. In addition, exercise increases immunity, which is important for the strength of a young person. It is very useful for men to walk. Jogging in the fresh air in the evening or in the morning promotes blood circulation in the body. In particular, blood flow to the penis improves. The walls of the blood vessels are significantly strengthened. Jogging on the street can be replaced with running on a special simulator. Among other sports that increase potency, it is worth noting:

  • Soccer;
  • Basketball;
  • To swim.

The question of the benefits of cycling for potency is debatable. Long time spent on this vehicle leads to numbness of the penis, pinching of the arteries and blood vessels. Erectile dysfunction develops very quickly. The choice of saddle plays a major role. Experts are allowed to stay on the bike for a maximum of half an hour a day. Only when this condition is met is it possible to achieve an increase in potency by preventing prostatitis.

Exercises for potency

A special set of exercises was developed a long time ago, which significantly increase and improve the sexual activity of young people. The first place among the useful exercises for increasing potency takes the "bicycle". It is necessary to take a starting position lying on your back. Legs bend at the knees and rise parallel to the floor. Next, leg movements are performed, similar to kicking. Exercise should be done 2-3 times a day for a few minutes. Erection recovery is achieved by increasing blood flow to the erectile tissue.

An exercise called the "Front Step" is also noted as a benefit. The man stands erect, arms at his sides. From a standing position, you need to raise your legs as high as you can and press your knees to your abdomen. Few know, but even the simplest known "bridge" significantly increases potency without the use of drugs. It is necessary to try to raise the pelvis to the maximum height. To restore a full-fledged erection, it's worth just squatting every morning.

If a man works in a sitting (sedentary) position, it is recommended to simply strain and relax the buttocks. This will help avoid stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs. In addition, it is an excellent prevention against prostatitis. Birch exercise helps increase blood flow to the pelvis. If you perform this complex of physical activity at least three times a week, the increase in potency will be successful.

Outdoor recreation to strengthen potency

Rest deserves special attention. Exercising in addition to daily work only has a detrimental effect on a young person's health. It is very important to distinguish between work and leisure. It is possible to increase potency without the help of drugs only if all the rules are observed. A prerequisite for increasing potency is eight hours of sleep. During sleep, all systems and organs of the body are restored.

How to increase potency with the help of folk remedies?

The potency can be strengthened with some means of folk medicine. So there is no need for medication. The unique positive properties of ginseng root for erection have been known for a long time. This plant can be brewed as a tea. However, the maximum increase in potency is observed when using ginseng root tincture. To do this, pour 100 grams of crushed root with 0. 5 liters of purified water. Put the mixture in a dark place for two days. After that, you need to put the infusion on a slow fire to languish for 4 hours. To increase potency, you need to take 100 grams of the drug after meals. Be sure to add a small amount of cinnamon and honey.

Such a simple product as garlic will help increase potency. Tinctures are also made from it. For 1 kilogram of peeled and chopped garlic, 2. 5 liters of water are required. The infusion should stand in a cool place for 3 weeks. Use such a tool to increase potency before each meal, 50 grams. As soon as the amount of liquid reaches 400 grams, new water is added again. This is allowed up to 2 times. Next, prepare a new garlic infusion. An increase in potency becomes noticeable after a month of such therapy.

Garlic can also be consumed in its pure form to increase potency. A mixture of garlic, honey and nuts is very popular with men. Products are taken in equal quantities. Such an original dessert should be eaten a tablespoon twice a day. Thyme is considered a male herb. Today you can buy it in any pharmacy. Thyme is also often a component of many teas. Dried grass is brewed in boiling water and infused for 40-50 minutes. You can drink a drink to increase potency in unlimited quantities. No damage is dealt to him. In severe cases, increased potency can be observed only after six months. But in any case, a positive effect is guaranteed.

Nettle also helps to strengthen an erection. Medicinal herbs can be used as a stand-alone remedy or in combination. If you follow all the tips and tricks, it will be very easy to get an increase in male activity without the use of drugs. A healthy diet, exercise and good rest are the key to long-term male strength and good potency.